Here Is a Hilariously Perfect Sum-Up of Everything That a Book Lover Has to Go Through

Salutation to all book lovers! We totally understand how you feel and we completely know what have to go through. We understand how excited you would be about a new book in the market than a new movie releasing. We also understand that you have your favourites from books rather than movies or TV shows. We definitely know that you can cry reading a book, but get no feelings while watching a really emotional movie. We totally get you.

This is a post dedicated to you guys. Have a look!

Oh right! You didn’t find time to read. Then explain how you are still alive. How did you get to breathe?

When they treat your book like shit!

When they don’t have feelings and do not even feel the pain of someone important to you is dying.

How dare you ask a mother to choose a favourite child!

When they don’t understand finishing the book is our first and favourite priority.

The craving is real

Everything is fair in love and war.

When they want to borrow your child….

Everyone has their own set of goals, right?

When you get betrayed by the love of your life

How can you possibly survive in this unforgiving, torturous, cruel and evil world?

When your love life is sorted…. Well, almost!

When you grow old waiting for the sequels….

Who needs clothes when you can wear books! Right?

When someone tears apart your heart, your soul, and your everything….

How could you scar my heart? That was a piece of my heart that you used as a notepad.

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Funny Dogs ????

Funny Dogs

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Combantrin .. Combantrin !!