An Honest Scrutiny of ‘Devdas’

When it comes to movies it can be melodrama at its best. Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay wrote a romantic novel way back in 1917 when he was all of 17 years of age. Since then many movies are made based on this novel the most recent one made by Sanjay Leela Bhansali in 2002. All these movies have depicted a snooty misogynist alcoholic Dev played by various actors on-screen and his girlfriend Paro who is madly in love with him.

The guy Dev belongs to the rich family and is coming back home after years from London. Mom getting hyper is understandable but why a neighbour is getting so sentimental about it. It’s her daughter who is madly in love with him and she on hearing the news is all happy and breaks into song and dance sequence while the mother is shedding tears of joy.

This may have laid grounds for Indian Glee because the drama is ridic.

The oil diya has some mystic powers that it is lighting for 10 years in a row now.

In an era when the communication mode was not the internet or skype it’s commendable that the girl is confident that Dev loves no one but her after all these years.

The mother is waiting desperately for the son but he chose to meet his girlfriend first…Something that no Indian mother can approve of.

In the early 1900s when the society was not at all free, a boy creeps into a girl’s bedroom at night with ease while she is sleeping with full on makeup.

He continuously boasts about how good London is and calls Paro gawaar, silly etc. and she takes no offence at all.

How can someone read 5 letters 5 times a day and that too for full 10 years? Too much to believe.

Dev wants to marry Paro but there’s always someone present in a family who wouldn’t let things go smoothly and fuel the fire.

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Amazing…he’s shaping it like a pro

This guy was rejected from everywhere, he kept fighting.. And rest is History!! Listen to his story!

This guy was rejected from everywhere, he kept fighting.. And rest is History!! Listen to his story!