Horror Stories That Can Give Aahat a Run for Their Money

I have noticed that we Indian have a likeable palette towards horror stories. We may shit our pants after that but we never give those stories a miss. We came across a few horror stories on Reddit’s NoSleep forum. Now these stories may or may not be true, but they are for sure as scary as hell. If you are faint-hearted, you might want to give this a skip…

The “Arranged Marriage”

After a promising Skype sessions, a Amita agrees to marry a guy she hasn’t met in real-life yet. On the day of her wedding, Amita realizes that her in-laws and her own family have been hiding from her a huge secret about her to-be-husband. A matter of life and death…

The unpleasant stalker

One night a journalist had a strange encounter with a woman on his way home from work. After which unusual things start happening. Over the week, a slow realization seeps in that he may not be the only one in the apartment.

The late-night cab ride

The writer recalls about a ride he had taken on a cold December night. Everything seemed perfect. His ride came on time and the driver- Abdul seemed like a friendly guy. Everything was normal, it was just like any other night…Until he gets a call from the cab company…

A Stroll Taken on a new moon night

A writer visits his grandfather’s vacant mansion in a North Indian rural village in pursuit of seclusion so as to work in peace. One night, after a power cut, he decides to take a stroll through the countryside. The worst decision taken ever…

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