Housefull 3 and It’s List of Bloopers

housefull 3

Let’s face it! Nobody is perfect – least of all, our Bollywood filmmakers. All you need to have is a keen eyesight and kaboosh! One can easily find mistakes in the best to the worst of desi movies. However, these mistakes go unnoticed in good films as the audience is too engrossed with the plot. It’s the average films that face the wrath. But come on, let’s give them a break. After all…To err is Bollywood, and to forgive is audience.

Nevertheless, we have compiled for you a list of some silly mistakes seen in the super-hit Bollywood movie Housefull 3. Check them out. We guarantee that you would re-watch the original movie after going through this list.

  • The Blindness Test

Here in this specific scene if you remember, there were only two people – Riteish Deshmukh and Boman Irani. Boman tests Deshmukh for his blindness. Deshmukh was standing on a plank and was told to jump. But the real question is – what made him jump so high? Any superpowers we are unaware of?

  • Akshay and the Red Boat

So, Mr. Kumar is seen riding a red boat. But of course, there needs to be a Bollywood twist, right? So, he lands it on land instead of water! Okay…even if we digest this scene, what is really mind boggling is how he managed to do this when there were so many other boats blocking his way. We wonder how the director didn’t think this through…

  • The Football Match

3. The football match

In this scene, if you look carefully, you can clearly see that there is no goalkeeper nearby when Mr. Kumar was about to score a goal. But, within the blink of an eye, voila! When he scores a goal, the goalkeeper appears out of nowhere. Also, have you wondered why there are three footballs placed in the middle of the ground?

  • Video Recording

When Abhishek starts video recording on his lappy, it was facing him and not Riteish or Akshay! Golmaal Hai Bhai, Sab Golmaal Hai…’

  • Something Is ‘Beachy’

Remember the weird scene where everyone is seen resting on the beach donning yellow helmets? In the same scene take 2, where do the people with the helmets disappear? Something is fishy…or may I say beachy?

  • Has the King of Martial Arts Lost His Touch?

In a scene, Akshay is seen trying to jump over a railing. However, it looks like his martial arts skills are getting rusty as he is seen literally crawling across it!

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