How This Guy Handles A Giant Spider Inside His Home Is A Thing Of Beauty

When you find a large spider in your home that’s not supposed to be there, how do you handle it? Personally, I run screaming to the other room and hope the bug finds its own way out. I know that’s a terrible way to handle the situation, but it’s worked for me so far. However, after watching the footage below, I might have to try a new approach next time.

The video features a guy in Brazil behaving with complete professionalism while handling a seriously huge monster. He’s so skilled, in fact, that he scoops the spider up with his bare hands before placing it in a plastic container. You seriously have to see this nonsense to believe it.


While there’s no word on exactly what kind of spider it was, my money is on the Brazilian wandering spider. These things don’t spin webs, they’re nomadic, and they hunt for food wherever they please. They also have powerful venom that causes men to develop painful, long-lasting erections.

Good thing this guy was careful.

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