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How to use Hashtags as per the Days of the Week

How to use proper Hashtags On Instagram Posts

People love social media and are always active on it. Whether it is a festival or any popular trend, social media always notices the presence of massive active users all around the world.

Talking about Social media, Hashtags play a great role in attracting the people to look into the post. So, this makes #Hashtags very important to choose and to use as well.

So what you are doing to do this week with hashtags? If you are confused with the proper of hashtags, then don’t worry we will be guiding you for a better use of hashtags –

Check out the lists as per the days –

Hashtags as Per Weekly Days
  • # Monday –

Monday is #Workday. The beginning day of the week. It’s an indicator of a fresh start to the week, with lots of works, responsibilities and fun time as well. So these can be a really good hashtags for Monday –

  1. #ManicureMonday
  2. #MondayBlues
  3. #MountainMonday
  4. #MeowMonday
  • # Tuesday –

Give yourself some good times with Tuesday plans. You can have travelling, you can hang out with your friends and party along. For this, you can use these hashtags –

  1. #TransformationTuesday
  2. #TravelTuesday
  3. #TuesdayBoozeDay
  4. #TuesdayTreat
  • # Wednesday –

Wednesday is the day for Women. So ladies, carry on your best wears and go for some healthy lifestyle plannings this Wednesday, with hashtags of well being and caring Wednesday –

  1. #WineWednesday
  2. #WellnessWednesday
  3. #WisdomWednesday
  4. #HealthyHumpDay
Using Instagram Hashtags
  • # Thursday –

So Thursdays are the days to celebrate yourself with your family and friends. Along with work, you got to take out some time for your loved ones as well, and be thankful to them. So, use these hashtags –

  1. #ThursdayFunDay
  2. #ThankfulThursday
  3. #ThanksThursday
  4. #TooGoodThursday
  • # Friday –

So, the beginning of the weekend starts with #Friday right. Friday is the day to flashback your previous day’s work. So book your friday for fun now it self and use these hashtags –

  1. #FollowFriday
  2. #FlashbackFriday
  3. #FridayFunday
  4. #FridayNight
  • # Saturday –

Make your Saturday a complete rest day, or have time for your pending works to complete. Go out for shopping this Saturday. Else you may also go on outing with your friends. Use these hashtags to complete your social media post for Saturday –

  1. #SaturdaySwag
  2. #SaturdayShenanigans
  3. #FunDaySaturday
  4. #SuperbSaturday
  • # Sunday –

Okay so congrats for completing the whole week! Now take time to rest for yourself, make your room the best place to live, have a cup of coffee, take a nice selfie and plan your works for the coming next week!

  1. #SelfieSunday
  2. #SundayCoffee
  3. #SundaySwag
  4. #SundayFun
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