How Would the Legend of ‘Baahubali’ Be Different If All of It Happened on Social Media? Have a Look at These Side-Splitting Instances!

After the release of the first part of the Baahubali series, we waited for more than a year to know the answer to the question: ‘Kattapa ne Baahubali ko kyun maara?’ When we finally know it after Baahubali: The Conclusion, we have something more interesting for you guys to wonder. Imagine what if all of this happened on social media!

The new trend would be: ‘Jante ho hum kon hain? Chacha Baahubali hain hamare.’ We would love to hear that one.

Baahubali would have given us the new “Mother-son” goals. Perfect!

No doubt Avantika would have been gained a lot more followers after that. A new social celebrity was in making.

Isn’t he the luckiest guy ever? I mean how many of us find our crushes on Tinder and get a ‘match’.


Now Baahubali can also go to Delhi and say:”Tu janta bhi hai mein kon hoon, Mera baap kon hai?” Sweet!

Sadly, a Whatsapp group can have maximum of 256 members. So, the ‘Raj Sabha’ was done on a family group and the public will be told on Facebook Live.

It seems even the senior Baahubali had his way with Tinder. The luckiest family ever!

It is nothing new. When has it been easy to convince an Indian mom for love marriage? I ask when?

Now we know why Mark introduced those sad emojis on Facebook. Everything happens for a reason indeed.

We definitely know what would be trending on Facebook now. Hail #MakeMahishmatiGreatAgain.


We hope he doesn’t throw anyone out in the process.

Public: Didn’t you read our comments on his posts?

Shivagami: Mera vachan hi hai shasan so Shut Up.

So, now we know why he was chosen to kill the greatest man of that time. I mean look at that CV man! Why wouldn’t anyone hire him?

Now, this has to get a million Quora ‘upvotes’.

Face it now guys! This has to be the clickbait for almost all the pages for the next whole week. All of its versions are coming.

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Watch out Lolzzz!!!

Beware before acting smart. Lolz

OMG!!! this man crushed concrete blocks with head ??

OMG!!! this man crushed concrete blocks with head