Huge Dent On Airplane Is Created By a Bird. This is UNBELIEVABLE

The Boeing 737-800 is a 130-foot-long jet plane with over 150 seating as well as a greatest takeoff body weight of greater than 70 tons. What exactly occurs when that monster flying machine will get strike right in the nose by a bird? A quite big dent, evidently.


This is just what occurred to Turkish Airlines flight TK2004, a local flight from Istanbul to Nevşehir in Turkey on Tuesday. The aircraft was hit by a bird throughout landing, leading to a lot of damage to its nose cone. The airplane pilot were able to land with success and none of the 125 travelers on board were hurt.

Dr. Ali Genc, Turkish Airlines senior vice president of media relations, said in an emailed statement.

“The critical bird hits in aviation [are] the ones that occur on the engine area,” Genc said. “Any other area of the aircraft than the engine area, such as [the nose cone], wings, hull and etc. are not [at] risk by bird hit.”

Flight review website Flight-Report first published photos of the damage to the airplane, which initially appears remarkably extreme considering the plane hit a feather like monster.

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