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How Hugs Can Determine Your Relationship with Your Partner?

Here is an interesting fact for the day. Did you know that the way you hug a person can actually describe your relationship with him/her! Yep, you have read it right. Read more to find out what kind of a hugger you are.

1. When Those Hands Go into Your Partner’s Pocket, They Actually Mean Something!

If you are into a habit of putting your hands into his/her pant pocket, it simply means that you are comfortable and relaxed towards your partner. It depicts a sense of safety.

2. Looking at Him/Her Intensely

If you look at your better-half as you hug him/her, you are connecting with his/her soul. It creates a deep sense of feelings as though you both now reside in a different universe.

3. Arms over Shoulder


We call it the BEST-FRIEND HUG. This kind of hug basically means that you totally trust the other person. They do not necessarily have to be your lover’s.

4 Pat on the Back

It gives out a sense of camaraderie. Here, you gesture it out that you are not interested in any form of intimacy. So, basically you are officially FRIEND-ZONED mate.

5. The Waist Hug

More popularly known as the BACK- HUG, here you are providing your partner a sense of protectiveness. You are reassuring your partner that you will provide comfort and security anytime.

6.  Back Rubbing

When you hug a person and rub their back, it essentially means that you are telling them that everything will eventually fall in place. You are trying to provide them a sense of comfort and are willing to listen to their problems.

7. The Distant Hug

This typically happens when you clearly do not want to hug a person, but are forced to do so due to courtesy or any other reason. There is a certain degree of uncomfortable feeling that is visible.

So, which is your favorite hug? And which is the hug you detest the most? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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