The Husband Wife and the ‘COYOTE’

Bringing home an abandoned animal is sweet, especially if it’s stray dog wandering about in the woods all alone in desperate need of a loving and nurturing home. But, what are the chances of getting back a wild coyote by mistaking it as a dog? This teacher pranks on her husband with just this. Their text conversation will leave you cracking up. It has gone viral for her husband’s comical reaction!

Kayla Eby Decides to Play a Prank on Her Hubby

Kayla tricks her husband, Justin Bogh into thinking she rescued a cute little dog, and their text-conversation will leave you into splits!

Eby Puts her Photoshop Skills into Use

She sends him a pic of the dog she rescued, except she skillfully photoshopped a freaking ‘coyote’ sitting beside their son. His reaction you may think…One word- ‘Priceless’.

She Pulls Off Her Part Quite Effortlessly

She assures her hubby that the ‘animal’ she got home is by all means a regular, domesticated dog.

He Frantically Tries to Explain


He even starts imagining returning home to a massacre, as a result of his wife’s misjudgment.

He Still Won’t Let Her Keep It

Poor Justin is literally on his last nerve when Eby asks if they could keep it.

They Even Come Up with a Beautiful Name

Spot- Not all names have to be relatable, do they?

Look Who is here to Welcome Justin

Its spots friends!

She Finally Take Pity on Him

Eby reveals her prank was nothing but a Photoshop picture. Justin seems relieved. But, undoubtedly angry, yet extremely relieved.

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