Hyundai Teamed Up with Leading Humor Artists to Create a Hilarious Encyclopedia of Comebacks

Comebacks are the current buzz. If your favorite band has been dormant for a long time and they come out of hiding for a world tour, wouldn’t you go all out in watching them play your favorite songs? Similarly if an actor who has gone dark for some time due to some reason and after a few years, the actor releases a movie, wouldn’t you go and watch all shows of that movie?

Hyundai is planning a comeback of its grandest model of all, the Grand i10. To make this comeback as huge as it deserves to be, Hyundai has teamed up with the leading humor artists of India to bring the people of India, the hilarious encyclopedia of comebacks also known as “Comebackpedia”.

The video features comic artists like Vir Das, Vipul Goyal, Cyrus Broacha and Kaneez Surka and these guys would take you on a ride that would be so hilarious that it would leave you in the splits. These guys have found the quirkiest of all comeback memes to wow you and also compete amongst each other to find out who has the funniest meme of comeback that could go into the comebackpedia.

The i10 model of Hyundai was one of the best models by the company and bringing it back into the market is a smart choice by the car manufacturer. Using humor and comedy to make this happen is an even better decision by the company. Humor brings people closer and Indian comedians are famous to bring the best kind of laughter out, using real life situations.

So watch the hilarious compilation of these comeback memes in the comebackpedia which is sponsored and brought to you by Hyundai. Here is a video of this comebackpedia:

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