I am Petrified, Terrified, Terrorised By Lizards

I am not a big fan of summers, as I can’t walk out during the day with the sun shining in all its glory, can’t exercise much without oozing out sweat from virtually everywhere. The whole day I end up drinking litres of fluid and then there are never ending taunts from mom for not refilling the water bottles in the refrigerator. And if all this was not enough these stupid buggers are out of hibernation to terrify me and have a jolly good laugh at my expense.

I don’t understand why God need to create this scaly skinned, claw-footed creature in the first place. This disgusting little thing sucks the life out of an evolved grown human like me.

  •    Can you understand what happens when you are fantasising about a cool dude with six packs on a Sunday afternoon and suddenly your thoughts are broken with a sight of slimy creepy reptile? This disgusting creature is looking at you so intensely that you feel it will jump on you the very next moment and you sprint out of the room shouting at the top of your voice.

  •    People are scared of so many things and especially of ghosts in the dark. What scares me to death is the mere thought of having a lizard in some corner of my room and jumping at me as soon as I enter.

  •    People give all this gyaan that it makes the house clean by eating small insects but hello… take it to your house and get it cleaned. I will manage with small insects in a little less clean house rather having this disgusting creature in my home.

  •    For you, it might be a harmless little creature but for me, it is nothing less than a dinosaur that has come back to life to suck the life out of me.

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