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The Iconic Nokia 3310 Is Resurrected and Has Become an Internet-Sensation

The nostalgic Nokia 3310 is re-launched and welcomed everywhere with deep gratitude, and Twitter can’t stop making memes and jokes on this iconic resurrection of our favorite device.

Nokia, which witnessed success both in terms of popularity and revenue before plunging, has been brought back by HMD Global – the company that has rights to sell “Nokia” brand phones.

The Classic 3310 model was showcased at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last Sunday. The phone now comes with a bigger screen when compared with its predecessor. It will feature a camera on its back, dual-SIM slot, a memory card slot (of course, an expandable one), and a 2.4-inch QVGA color display. The phone comes in different lively colors, and we can still play our favorite “Snake Game” in it.


People have been waiting eagerly for the device ever since the news of its revival came out in the last quarter of previous year. The phone doesn’t even have 3G enabled, but still kept people waiting.

The re-designed and manufactured 3310 is produced by HMD Global. All the notable ex-employees of Nokia are working under HMD Global to maintain the charm of Nokia alive. The phone appears to be the modern version of 17-year-old original 3310, but still maintains the vigor and the solid identity that Nokia is usually known for.

Twitter is flooded with all memes and jokes related to the revival of iconic 3310. The phone comes with a battery life that will last a month and cannot be broken easily. Well, ladies, you don’t have to carry pepper-spray with you any longer, you have a weapon of mass destruction in your hands, which can also be used for call purpose.

The President of HMD Global, Florian Seiche says that consumers have been anticipating the launch of 3310, and thus we have decided that we’d do it and have some fun with it.

Nokia along with 3310 launched other series of smartphones ranging from mid to high in prices.

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