If all the things we did wrong were yoga asanas, then they would have quite different names

The country recently celebrated the World Yoga Day, but the internet is not over yet. Several memes and trolls have been quirking up and making people laugh out loud. Our life in India can never get boring because we always have something or the other to entertain ourselves with. Yoga has been a powerful boon given by India to the entire globe. Both spiritually as well as physically, Yoga is a powerful tool that has helped to reshape the lives of millions in almost all parts of the world.

The internet was not over trolling over Yoga and we found yet another hilarious thing. If all the wrong things that we did were similar to the asanas in yoga, do you know what they would have been called? That is a weird thought. But this weird thinking has already been done and trust me they are absolutely hilarious. Come on let us have a look.

  • Because our quench for alcohol cannot be satiated.

  • This is the asana we would be doing probably the most number of times.

  • Our mornings should definitely start with this asana.

  • In times of emotional distress, this is the asana you need to do.

  • LOL! This cannot be expressed in words.

  • This asana will keep our season addiction in control.

  • Because no matter how full we are, there is always room for dessert.

  • All students! This is one is for you.


  • For people who begin their day during the night.

  • And this is the most vicious cycle of all.

So remember people, exercises are really important and these asanas are really simple and easy to follow. Happy Yoga Day!

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