If Bollywood Characters Were Out Now Looking for a ‘Rishta’, Here’s What They Would Look For…

Bollywood film makers are obsessed with happy endings. Hollywood may have a different version of happy endings, but here it is all about the lead actor and actress getting married and of course sailing into the sunset.

Here we have taken some Bollywood characters and what it would look like if they were searching for a ‘rishta’….just for fun. This would probably be their marriage bio-data…

  1. (Kangana) Rani from Queen

Hi! I am Rani and I make excellent Indian-style French Toast. 

You know, my fiancé turned out to be a total dick. Back then, my standards were quite low, but now I’m looking for guy who doesn’t judge women who dance at their own wedding.

  1. (Shilpa Shetty) Seema from Baazigar

The love of my life had pushed me ‘over the edge’, like literally. 

So, now I a ghost stalk my little sister who has already started her wedding planning even before my body was cold. Sorry folks, marriage is not on my list as of now.

  1. (SRK) Raj from DDLJ

I have earned myself the tag of ‘dulhan chor’. They say, once you have tasted blood, your thirst never ceases. I can totally relate to that. Some might say I’m a little too old to get a dulhan now, but that is just age-shamming you guys.

  1. (Karisma Kapoor) Nisha from Dil To Pagal Hai

I believe Rahul was my soul mate, but that jerk chose Maya over me. 

I’m over it now. Currently, I’m looking for someone who will not friendzone me after giving me hope.

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