If Minions Played The Roles Of Iconic Bollywood Characters

What would have happened if Minions played the roles of a few iconic Bollywood characters?

We re-imagine minions as ‘Shahenshah’, ‘Babu Rao Apte’ and a few more characters we enjoyed watching on the silver screen.

Aamir-Khan-PK-Minion (2) Amitabh-Bacchan-Shahenshah-Minion Dharmendra-Sholay-Minion Gabbar-Sholay-Minion Mogambo-Minion Paresh-Rawal-Hera-Pheri-Minion Raj-Kapoor-Shree-420-Minion Salman-Khan-Dabangg-Minion Shahrukh-DDLJ-Minion Shakti-Kapoor-Crime-Master-Gogo

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