If possible, these are the awards and certificates that our dads rightfully deserve

Which awards do you think are the greatest? I think your answers will be the Oscars. But no these Oscars are nothing if we compare them to the awards which our fathers deserve.  Because, absolutely no one is better than them. If we start looking at all the great superstars, we will see that it is our dads who are the best as no one can compete with them. They are the ones who should get all the appreciation in this world. They have taken all our nuisances and shit and been the pillar of support through our entire thick and thins. So yes, we can say with conviction, that there are certain awards and certificates and medals that should be given to them for their commendable efforts in raising us and being such an important and integral part of our lives.   

So let us have a look at all the laurels that our beloved dads should get:

  • For the financial support.

  • When they face difficulties with the toast.

  • For their relentless care and concern

  • For the endless laughter they have given us.

  • Because no one can give us more life lessons than them.

  • Because they are always over enthusiastic to see us.

  • He is undoubtedly the best cabbie in the world.

  • Because they want to share everything with us. Even messages on social media.

  • Because no matter what the situation is, he is always there for us.

Ll dads.

  • This is like the universal trend of all dads.

So a huge round of applause to all the fathers around the globe for putting their time, energy, resources, love and compassion for their children and being the best friend and best guardian.

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