Illustrations That Clearly Depict People Who Hate Public Display of Affection

Public Display of Affection is the concept in which two people who are in love flaunt their happiness in front of single people. Not all couples indulge in the art of public display of affection, but those who do sometimes completely annoy their friends.

If you are one of those people who end up annoying their friends or if you are one of the friends who ends up being the third wheel all the time, these illustrations depict the cold hard truth of how your friends/you feel about the art of public display of affection:

  • That’s Not Pretty to Watch:

What couples don’t realize is that by doing what they do, they actually taunt the single people. Some couples have that intention only.

  • When Couples Boast about Their Love:

Mr. Single guy, it’s not always just one year. Couples break up after two years as well. But some stay with each other for eternity too.

  • Being the Third Wheel:

This is the general thought process when you are hanging out with a couple. I don’t understand why they invite the single dudes. Maybe just to make them jealous of what they have and they don’t.

  • The Best Way to Destroy a Couple:

Oh baby, you don’t love me as much as you loved her. I hate you!!

  • Weird Cheesy Nicknames That Couples Give Each Other:


It’s not just cupcake. These couples change the sweet word according to their whims and fancies. Sweetu! Sweety! Sweeta! Sweetums! Ugh!!!

  • I Just Want to Sleep in My Blanket:


Those are the best kind of hugs my friend. You feel cozy at night and if you want to remove the blanket, you can do that as well. Couples can’t remove their counterparts so easily. Way to go man!

In relationship or single, PDA is really troublesome and places like India have banned this too. It must be reduced!

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