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Immigrants in the Bay Area planning to make kids born in US dual Mexican Citizens due to Trump Administration

Under Trump administration, many Mexican immigrants all across the state are fearing deportation. They are now registering their children who were born in America as dual citizens as a contingency plan if they were deported back to Mexico.

Mexican consulate officials said that the application surge is like never before due to which they have to work long hours and consider hiring more staff to keep up with the growing demand.

San Jose Consulate has processed about 86 registrations in February and double that in the previous month. They have also processed 30 registrations this month. The appointments are so much that the consulate is planning to open the office on Saturday too.

The consulate in San Francisco on the other hand had processed 94 registrations in February and 42 percent more the previous month. So far in March, they have had 28 registrations. Numbers are going to increase in April, Jesús Gutiérrez said that they would be hiring another staff member to help meet the demand.

Lizbeth Navarro and her husband, Gerardo Galvan, want a prosperous future for their sons in the United States. But as they are undocumented Mexican immigrants, they are preparing for the inevitable. Last Friday, the couple spent the entire day at the Consulate in San Jose, to register their American born son Maximiliano for becoming a citizen of Mexico as well.

Even San Jose residents, Rufina Cabrera and family are registering their 7 year old Salvador and 9 year old Valeria as citizens of Mexico as well as US.

This application surge of dual citizenships might be a sign that maybe because of the move by Donald Trump of pushing immigrants that are undocumented, out of the country.

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