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Incorporate Walking to Improve Productivity

It is said that “Sitting is the new smoking.” Health freaks have taken it seriously and so have some of the corporates. These days, you will often find people counting their steps through various apps and devices and try to complete 10,000 steps a day. Research has proved that there is a direct correlation between employee health and a company’s bottom line. A happier and healthier employee is often more productive and thus some of the corporates are offering onsite workouts for its employees.

Even if you can’t provide health club facilities to your employees, you can at least motivate them to walk around a bit. A 5 minute walk can improve their energy, mood, and happiness, says a recent study published in International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. Try implementing walking meetings as it increases communication between co-workers in a relaxed atmosphere. Walking elevates your heart rate a little which results in increased oxygen supply to the brain and hence the production of neurotransmitters. When you present an idea while walking, other people are more engaged with what you are saying rather than getting busy on their phone or some other distraction.

We all are aware of the importance of exercise in our lives, but most of us don’t find time for that. If we are given an option of walking for 5-10 minutes rather than working out for 30 minutes at a stretch, most of us will be fine with it. Motivating employees to break away from the monotonicity of sitting long hours will promote a healthy environment.

There is also a likelihood that once people start getting used to a healthy routine, they might adhere to other healthier behaviors as well.

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