All India Bakchod Created A New Viral Video On How Jovial A Conference Call Can Get And It Is True!

In today’s world, technology rules our every move. From connecting with family and friends on social media to obtaining any kind of information on the World Wide Web, everything is possible online. Not just this, technology rules our professional lives as well. You can interact with clients all around the world for work-related things and technology is the vital player in all this. With so many advanced uses of technology, conference call is one of the very common mode of communication in the current corporate sector.

From interviews on video call and conference call leader, Skype, to making international contacts through these calls, the medium of conference calls is a very frequently used mode of communication in offices that deal with projects spread globally. However, there is a certain awkwardness when it comes to talking to the CEOs and group leaders that accompany you during these calls.

Famous for being funny as well as direct, All India Bakchod, commonly known as AIB hosts a YouTube channel where they make videos with a social message and certain jovialness that invites the common folk to join them in their pranks. This time, All India Bakchod targeted the problems of working individuals who have to go through the pain of conference calls.

All India Bakchod posted a video on their YouTube channel lasting about 5 minutes and 9 seconds starring Utsav Chakraborty, Rohan Joshi, Kumar Varun, Rahul Subramanian, Mallika Dua and Tanmay Bhat. The caption of the video says that this video is about a bunch of corporates getting on a con call to do nothing collectively. Here is the video:

Isn’t it familiar?

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