Indian Movies and Their Botched Up Physics

The great scientist Newton’s laws of physics guide everything in the real world, but in the reel world of Indian cinema, these laws don’t apply. The unbelievable stunts in South Indian movies and some Bollywood movies would make you question your physics logic. These directors really go out of the way to put in a lot of creativity to make sure that the laws of physics are not followed.

Here are some hilarious stills that prove that precision in stunts can be impeccable, if physics is not a hindering factor:

  • Rajnikanth is the Chuck Norris of Indian cinema and here is his lighter to prove so:

Lighting your cigarette with gun powder is one thing, doing it with a bullet is another. This proves that Rajnikanth can do anything. South Indians really worship him like a God!

  • This guy should give knife throwing lessons to Jack Mamoa.

Isaac Newton would be rolling over in his grave right now and Stephen Hawking would kill himself if he saw this, but Indian audience would have gone berserk in cinema halls after watching this incredible feat.

  • A robot that defies all laws of physics and makes others do the same!

Let me just fly to catch this officer, slide out the window, smack him on the road and stop the car! All at the same time.

  • Salman Khan and his creative ways of going shirtless

Salman Khan is famous for his shirtless movie scenes and he finds extremely creative and physics defying ways to do so. In this scene, water is the only thing that he needs to go shirtless. At least he had water thrown at a good amount of pressure!

  • No James Bond can do this jaw-dropping stunt.

There are literally no words to describe this stunt.

There are plenty more where they came from. Indian cinema is flooded with weird physics and death defying logic!

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