Indian News doing their specialty of going too far

News in India is just about everything. The worst part of this is that people actually like reading news like this. That is the reason why the news portals of India go on and do stuff like this. Where there is demand, supply would automatically be created.

But still if your esteemed news portal is reputed and well known, it is always ill advised to do activities that tarnish the very name of your news portal. If that is the case, then you are among the below mentioned people who have suffered from an unjustified treatment due to the India’s News Channel.

Here’s some of the news by the Indian News Teams that would blow your mind away:

  • Apparently Deepika’s cleavage is more important than crisis that is happening around the world:

Deepika is right here. This is the news by the leading newspaper of India. Well Deepika, the TOI people aren’t all wrong. This is what people like and the news channel is reporting that.

  • The Reporting of the Marilyn Monroe Moment of Catherine Middleton

In this picture, what Prince William and his wife Kate are doing is paying respects to slain army soldiers and the Indian news converted it into a dress management struggled.

  • DNA dedicated an entire page to this Marilyn Monroe Moment!

This is what our journalism has come to. Celebrity gossip!!!

  • A Quote from a Jealous Wife when put out of context by the Mumbai Mirror:

Does this just sound vulgar to me or are there others like me too?

  • When Virat Kohli was looking in the direction of Vijaya Archana’s crotch:

This is what DNA posted whereas the actual story was that he was looking at the notepad on Archana’s lap!

Indian News has taken a horrible step backwards and there is nothing that can be done to bring journalism back on track.

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