Indian Parents At Their Best !

Parents across the globe are known for the love and care they provide to their children without expecting anything in return and Indian parents are no different. They love their kids to the core and are ready to make any sacrifice for them. The problem, however, starts when they deliver these age-old dialogues with proficiency day in and day out. Sometimes you laugh at it and at times you feel like banging your head.

  •    They force you to eat fruits first and then don’t let you drink water for ages lest you might get a cough.

  •    One day if you don’t wear that expensive shoes you bought then all hell break loose.

  •    Only Indian moms can find a relation between kaddu and eyesight.

  •    They always insist on buying clothes that will fit you in future.

  •    The new Tupperware box is always something that needs to be protected.

  •    They believe all bullshit WhatsApp messages like chips have plastic in it.

  •    When it comes to being superstitious, they will get the first spot.

  •    I never understand that how the kid who is adorable in private becomes a nuisance in front of guests.

  •    I prefer that guests transfer the money in my Paytm account rather than giving cash. They should get inspired by that ad..Isn’t it?

  •    The cause of any calamity whether earthquake, Financial meltdown, Tsunami or even getting sick is one and the same.

  •    They think that I can see time by making FD instead of buying a watch.

  •    God forbid if I get a pimple in the season of mangoes…

  •    I think they feel you get good food only at home, rest of the world doesn’t know how to cook.

  •    Did I ask you to get the cable cut before exams….Then why are you telling me that you can’t watch TV because of me?

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