This is how Indian TV Show Characters Trump Cards would look like!

I’m sure most of you had the hobby of collecting WWE trump cards or any other type of tradeable card collections when you were a kid. Many of you also watched Indian drama shows or still watch them. Some of you might deny this and some would blame the elders for making you watch them but we all know these drama TV shows had us hooked in our childhood. The characters you saw as a child and the cards you collected have now been combined to give you the Indian TV show trump cards! PS, these aren’t real trump cards!

Here are the top trump cards:

  • Aarti Ki Thali Dropping Tulsi:

Wasn’t dropping the aarti ki thali some kind of strength of Tulsi! She knew the exact moment when to drop the thali! She was a clairvoyant in some sorts.

  • Plastic Surgery Mihir:

The undying Mihir Viraani who had loads of extra marital affairs, some of which cost him his life also. But magical western medicine brought him back every time, with a brand new face!

  • The Eternal Baa:

The protector of the house keys but weirdly prone to heart attacks at an alarming capacity. Baa is Baa, there is no other way of putting it!

  • The Dangerous Komolika:

The only person who knew everything, had V-shaped sindoor, the source of her powers and hated Anurag and Prerna’s Love! She did love screwing with people, hence the dangerous tag!

  • Sassy Maya:

You all know the Sarabhais and the boss of the household, Maya Sarabhai. She is the sarcasm and insult queen of Indian Television and she really can’t stand the middle class. She does troll Monisha a lot!

Hope you liked combining your childhood hobbies like this!

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Very tough competition

Very tough competition

Wow awesome !! You will love it..

Wow awesome !! You will love it..