Indian Women showing their Humor in these Hilarious Tweets

Twitter is a platform which lets everyone express their hidden feelings. Indians have used twitter to the fullest, especially the Indian women. They come on twitter to express their feelings and many times these expressions are absolutely hilarious.

Indian women have already proven their humor in reel as well as real life. They are absolutely hilarious and now they have also taken over twitter to give us an unstoppable laugh. Here are some of those humorous tweets:

  • The Chamber of Cigarettes:

To understand this reference, you need to be a harry potter fan or must have at least watch the series. The second part of the movie is known as Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. That is where the reference came from.

  • The experience of Bombay Velvet:

Watching Bombay Velvet is much worse of an experience as compared to touching a rat at Dadar station!

  • Loyalty Tests:

If only Bhallaldeva had the similar idea, he would still have been the king of Maheshmathi! To the uninitiated, this is from Baahubali franchise.

  • Nazar Rakhsa Kawach:

Aliens never invaded because of this age old nazar raksha kawach technology. They couldn’t understand its power because it didn’t have any and due to that scare, they didn’t come earth’s way!

  • Wake Up Sid:

Cabbies in India get angry so easily. By the way I don’t think that hand out of taxi to feel the rain thing is that awesome. It is highly overrated by the movie.

  • Math Jokes:

90 Crimes is equal to only 45 jail times. As math governs us all, it even governs criminals. That’s why if you sin 90 times, you only get cot 45 times!!

This proves all the judgmental Indians that even our women can be funny. It is not just a man’s job anymore. Go girls!!

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