Indigo is Like Sheldon Cooper…. Does Not Get Sarcasm

On 30th April 30, Roshan Agarwal a resident of Kolkata was flying back home from Bhubaneswar but met with an unforeseen side effect of flying through an airplane that the passengers have been facing since the dawn of time, due to the incompetence of the airlines.

Understandably, Agarwal wanted to vent his frustration, so he took onto his twitter feed to rant about his story, calling out the IndiGo Airlines for their blunder of not sending his baggage to the expected destination.

But, things got a little uncomfortable when his sass wasn’t taken well by those who run the IndiGo Airline’s Twitter.

Agarwal told that his baggage was wrongly marked, as a result its was sent all the way south to Hyderabad, rather than being sent to Calcutta.

He said, “After I landed at the Calcutta airport, and after having waited for over 30 minutes for my baggage, I went over to their customer service desk where I was informed that my luggage was sent to Hyderabad.”

He explained that after his luggage landed in Hyderabad, it was unintentionally taken by a passenger, who later returned it to the airport authorities, after realizing the luggage was not theirs.

But the social media could not let this slide. Very soon, Screenshots of Twitter conversation was being shared by various meme pages on Facebook with hilarious comments.

One such comment read:

“Indigo is like Sheldon Cooper. Doesn’t get sarcasm “

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