Innocence of Kids Reflected in Their Test Answers! It’ll Leave You ROFL

School- They bring out those nostalgic memories of our childhood. Some were beautiful, while the rest (or must I say most) were plain crazy. While in school, we all have had our equal shares of wrong and right test answers.


Speaking of which, I am reminded of these bunch of crazy guys in my class who never took just about anything seriously in school. I mean their wits! It knew no end. When it comes to answering the test questions their dare-devil acts left us speechless and the teachers annoyed. To think of it now, that was nothing when compared to what I am about to share with you’ll now, it is sure to crack you up! So, brace yourself…

1. Well expanded!

This one did just what he was asked to!

2. An honest kid! Yeah, that is exactly what this one is.

Well maama told me not to lie. (I would give +7 for the honest ?)

3. This one has got his life sorted!

Yeah, you better check on your future goals.

4. The practical genius!

Warren is sure good at math.

5. He knows exactly what is happening in each state

Maybe the next Senator?

6. Only if life was this simple!

Why on earth would you put a ring? You like it, you put it! Period.


7. Lesson for life

A wrong spelling could give you a wrong ticket my friend!

8. How adorable is this?

Aww… is all I could come up with!

9. True that!

This one is sure gutsy

10. This one dug his own grave!

Maybe the teacher didn’t like the artistic skills?

11. Logical?

This one’s got sharp eyes…


12. Partly right, partly judgmental!

This one’s got unsettled feelings for the chubby kid!

13. Practical.

This kid does not live in a delusional world!

14. Why do teachers undermine a child’s intellect?

Oh! Here’s why…

15. A politician in making


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