Instead Of Being Gau Rakshaks, People Should Start Being the Following Rakshaks, Which Are Much More Needed

Lately in our country, a plethora of people have started declaring themselves self-styled Gau Rakshaks. These so-called Gau Rakshaks should start looking at the more pressing matters of the country and become a rakshak that would actually do some good for the country. Here are a few rakshaks that they could be instead of being Gau Rakshaks:

  • Road Rakshaks:

If you take your own vehicle to work every day, you know the pain that is riding on Indian roads. Be it traffic, or rains or broken roads, these roads are really problematic to drive on. A Road Rakshak could keep all this in check.

  • Peek Rakshak:

One of the dirtiest things in India are paan stains. This kind of rakshak is an absolute necessity. Paan stains can be found on street corners, roads, buildings, staircase corners or anywhere you name it. Peek Rakshak can protect us from all this.

  • Log Rakshak:

The phrase that is the killer of dreams! “Log Kya Kahenge?” Each and every household has this line spoken to the dreamers of their house.

  • Net Neutrality Rakshak:

To the uninitiated, the internet that we know of is under attack from large corporations. They are trying to buy traffic from the ISPs and reduce the traffic to freelancing sites. This way, the net traffic doesn’t stay neutral. We have won this battle but not the war. Therefore, a net neutrality rakshak is required.

  • Swachh Bharat Rakshak:

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was something started by our PM Narendra Modi, but it didn’t work as well as it should have. A Swachh Bharat Rakshak could ensure people don’t litter and keep our beautiful country clean.

These rakshaks would help the country rather than making the government work more difficult as the Gau rakshaks are doing.

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