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International Space station has a new video of Hurricane Irma, and it’s Monstrous

Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma

International Space station has send the videos of Hurricane Irma on Tuesday. The storm threatens Caribbean Islands and possibly South Florida with near-record-breaking winds. The video is really scary.


Irma is a Category 5 storm with maximum sustained winds of 185 mph. It is one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever recorded, with some gusts exceeding up to 215 mph. NASA just recorded the video using the cameras positioned outside the ISS.

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Irma, which was more than 400 miles wide during the recording time, barely fit in the frame of the video clip, 5 minutes long. Irma is expected to  hit Puerto Rico Wednesday night, moving through Dominican Republic and reaching Haiti on Thursday morning. Then after head to Jamaica Friday morning. Florida and Cuba could see the storm by the weekend, but that’s too long from now for weather models to accurately predict Irma’s location or strength at that point.

Check the video here :

The Governments have already warned the public about the situation and have made arrangements to survive the calamity. People have been advised to not to visit shores during high tides. Heavy rain is also expected, so measures are getting ready for it as well.

Let’s hope that everything sets well and no effect of the Hurricane could harm the livelihood of the common people.

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