Internet Is Full of Memes on Kangana’s Interview at Aap Ki Adalat

All this started way back in January 2016 when there were rumors that Hrithik didn’t want Kangana in Aashiqui 3. The word war that started between the two since then is not coming to end and people have now got bored and sick of it. 

There was silence for some time, but the discussions on the same started back again. Kangana’s upcoming film Simran is about to release and so she is giving interviews all over. It is but natural that she is asked about this controversy and not holding back anything and is coming out bold as ever.

Now that people have enough of this controversy, which is not dying, the internet is full of memes on her interviews especially on her appearance last week at the show Aap Ki Adalat.

She said, “Tum aur tumhare pitaji ke paas to duniya bhar ka paisa hai” and look what internet memes are saying…

  •    This is exactly what I would say to my friend who is vacationing in some exotic location while I am at my work desk.

  •    Taking Uber instead of local from Lower Parel to Malad.


  •    I use this line when my friends want me come with them to Goa for vacation.

  •    What!! Are you buying tickets to the chain smokers concert?

  •   Getting coffee from Starbucks…Bhai u can afford. “Tum aur tumhare pitaji ke paas to duniya bhar ka paisa hai”

  •    This is the exact line that CBI must have told to Lalu’s son.

  •    You want a Bisleri bottle at this fine dining restaurant.

  •    My mother slaps this line on me when I tell her not to cook as papa is ordering food from outside.

  •    This is my mother’s reaction when I come back home in Uber Black.

  •    My friend reacts with this line when I tell him that we should have big gold flake today.

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