Internet is obsessed with yet another hangout. And this time is PM Narendra Modi and Vladimir Putin

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin during the World Diamond Conference in New Delhi on Thursday. PTI Photo by Shahbaz Khan(PTI12_11_2014_000194A) *** Local Caption ***

Narendra Modi and Vladimir Putin have been headlines every week. But this time, the internet cannot get enough of the hangout these two great personalities had with one another. Both Narendra Modi as well as Vladimir Putin can be certainly called as the two most powerful people of the world and the meeting of such electrifying and charismatic personalities is bound to make news everywhere. Both these two coveted individuals, spend the better part of this day with each other chilling out at the destination around the landmark of St. Petersburg

These two great people must have had some intense importance conversation about the pressing situations of the world that need attention and the activities they would initiate in order to change the future course of both countries and what will be the impact of such activities on a global scope, the internet somehow decided to negate all of this and got obsessed with these things instead.

  • Handling relationships in Russian style.

  • Friendship to the next level.

  • Bollywood songs make their way into every situation.

  • OH! Someone in the United States of America go really jealous of our beloved Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

  • Proof that the world is full of love that does not know boundaries or gender.

  • This meeting was so emotional, that someone could not hold back their tears in.

  • The meeting also inspired poets to compose a poem for these two gentlemen.

  • This one is really epic! What is this actually read their thoughts!

  • This one was about the wedding bells ringing everywhere.

  • The meeting pictures gave some people joy.

  • Women have a way with things. They can certainly do the impossible.

  • Dirty minds did not stop working too.

  • Gossip aunties can have a laugh too.

  • Some in depth advice

  • Some do not think that it was a meeting, some think it was a date.

  • No pre wedding photo shoot can be as good as this one

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