Internet Trolls after Evan Spiegel Dare Call Indians Poor

The genius CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel got the solid backlash from the 1.25+ billion, a country whom he dares called POOR. India is a big market, the potential of which is acknowledged by Facebook CEO among others but somehow Spiegel seems to go against the consensus.

The big army of 1.25 billion that India has is enough to make or break any app or platform that needs the count of active users or traffic to determine its success. He is known to do things differently and that’s the reason he bought Snap’s IPO on lines never tried earlier and that is now sucking on the Wall Street. His statement about Indians is going to make his app suck too.

With Evan’s statement going viral, Indians decided to show him his place.

  •    The best one was those legends who use Nokia 3310 never installed Snapchat. It’s for kids actually.

  •    You mess with Indians and they make sure that your rating on App store comes down to single star overnight.

  •    The Income Tax department is sending notices to all those who have Snapchat installed to pay taxes because according to Evan Spiegel poor can’t afford it.

  •     You can install the app only if you confirm you are RICH because Indians are otherwise labelled as POOR by the genius Evan.

  •    Mukesh Ambani, the Indian businessman who lives in Antilia, which was world’s most expensive residential property in 2014 after Buckingham Palace, is actually laughing at your ignorance Spiegel.

  •    Indians have made your app a past tense: Are you listening?

  •    How it feels to be abandoned by 1.25 billion poor: better start enjoying this loneliness because it’s just the start.

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