Interview with Uncles on Bollywood: Pro Shraddha Kapoor and Anti Arjun Rampal, Hilarious Video

Uncles are famous on discussing issues that are of utmost importance. Issues like politics, economics, environment, etc. can be found easily on their day to day discussion plans. But ever seen two uncles bickering and discussing Bollywood and that too with the same level of seriousness?

It came as a surprise to us too. Two uncles were found in a heated argument in the heart of B-Town, Mumbai. They were discussing about the up and coming actress Shraddha Kapoor, daughter of Shakti Kapoor. One was pro Shraddha Kapoor completely and he was very passionate about this young actress.

At the same time he was also totally anti Arjun Rampal too. He absolutely hated the guy and had a few things to say about him too. Check out some of his statements followed by the video with the entire argument:

  • Don’t talk anything bad about the talented young girl:

Shraddha is really close to this uncle’s heart and he cannot take it if someone else speaks crap about her. He would get into his attacking mode if he hears another word.

  • Arjun Rampal, this uncle thinks you stink! You stink big time according to him!

He is not interested in your movies Arjun Rampal. We are not sure what Arjun did to deserve this kind of response. Weird!

  • He doesn’t watch pictures of ‘FALTU’ actors:

  • Unfortunately, he wasn’t talking about just Arjun Rampal when he said the above quote:

Even Farhan Akhtar is in line with this hatred. But this uncle does love Shraddha and cannot hear anyone else talking crap about her.

Here is the video:

We are seriously confused how someone could love one actor so dearly and physically hate another actor. Sorry Arjun Rampal!

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