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iPhone 7 Release Date and Specs Leaked Finally

iPhone 7 is being worked on at Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) right now, but we’re still not sure when the firm will set the release date or what the specs of the new smart phone will be. Some new iPhone 7 pieces have been leaked from the supply chain in East-Asia in recent days and the leaked pics are giving a clearer idea of the iPhone 7 specs, and interestingly, supporting the idea that September 25 will be the iPhone 7 release date.

The leaked iPhone 7 pics show the display and case of the latest iPhone. Most importantly, the picture includes the date on which the part was made for Apple. A label on the gadget shows a QA stamp from July 29. That means that Apple is on track to get the iPhone 7 to users before the end of the current quarter.

The new images include the case and some of the internal parts of the iPhone 7. They come from Macfixit Australia, an Apple repair outlet that got its hands on photos of the device from a source in the supply chain. Here’s a look at the photos that were released on Monday.

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