iPhone in Jello Prank

There is this new video of- “Pranksters in Love” doing rounds in the internet and it is pretty damn hilarious. “Pranksters in Love” are YouTube videos by a totally adorable couple John and Nikki. Now they might seem like a pair of ordinary couple, but don’t be fooled! The prankster husband- John doesn’t let monotony get into their marriage. They are always seen with some crazy pranks up their sleeves that are sure to get your funny bones.

This time John took the prank to a whole new level. He pranks his wife, by messing her phone up. Did I just say A PHONE…? Sorry, my bad…It wasn’t just a phone, rather it was her iPhone! Yep, you read it right. This may sound a little bizarre, but this dude freezes her phone (let’s not forget it’s an iPhone) in a freaking jello as a prank!

John is no ordinary prankster. The plan required to freeze the phone was quite lengthy and elaborate.

This prank kind of reminded me of the popular US and UK based show- “The Office.” In the show there was an episode called- pilot, in which Jim pranks Dwight by setting his stapler in a Jello. We wonder if John was inspired by this… But an I-Phone is most certainly a tad bit more valuable than an ordinary stapler, right? Did this thought not cross Johns mind?

Watch the video to see what happens when the prankster husband finally goes ahead with his “iPhone in jello” prank. Was he able to pull it off successfully? Did he get the needed reaction from Nikki or did she have a mental-breakdown? And more importantly is her phone still working?!

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