What would IPL Teams be if they were students in an Indian Classroom?

IPL or Indian Premier League is the biggest sporting events of India. This Twenty-Twenty overs cricket tournament is between franchises that purchase players at auction and retain their classic players. Huge chunks of money are invested in this game and the returns are also pretty huge.

The tournament is watched by almost every household in India. It has the highest viewership in any national sports event. Some people still don’t get to watch it. For those who are unable to watch this tournament, these comparisons would depict how the current game is:


  • Mumbai Indians are currently Top of the Table after losing initial matches:

  • Sometimes the best student in class gets suspended because of what their franchise owner did and that’s our CSK:

  • Nobody went for tuition to study. They went to have fun and dance on Punjabi songs with friends #RCB:

  • I don’t think SRH are shy. Their captain Warner is really expressive and their bowling is top notch:

  • I don’t understand how the parents and teachers judge potential in a kid. Maybe the kid is good in something other than what the kid is put into. #DD:

  • KXIP have started performing in this season as well. Maybe this is the season everyone is waiting for:

  • Rajasthan Royals, win with ease and sincerity:

  • Gujarat Lions. Nobody cares what this team does. We want CSK back!

  • This kid was much more popular in his previous school. He is performing here too but he is needed back in his team:

  • This kid’s dad is more famous than the team! KKR SRK!!

All teams have apt descriptions when put in a school classroom. As even classrooms have competitions, may the best one win! I think KXIP this time around.

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