Irfan Khan recreated Drake Approves photo set and the meme world is going berserk

A photo set by the Canadian rapper went super viral recently and All India Bakchod asked Irfan Khan to recreate that photo set. Then AIB asked their fans to go all out by showing their creativity to create memes using the Irfan Khan photo set. Once the meme community of the world gets their hand on something meme worthy, they don’t stop.

Here are some of the best works done by the meme community in the followers of All India Bakchod:


  • Irfan Approves CID over Sherlock:


Indian detectives are awesome. They solve crimes using Flemings Left Hand Rule and break doors with their kicks.


  • Irfan Approves Dhinchak Pooja over Taher Khan:


Selfie Maine Leli Aaj is still one of the most trending songs in India. Bye, bye, Taher, there is a new Queen in town.


  • Irfan Approves Hindi over English:


Dekho Bhaiyaa comes with respect as well. You are saying Dekho instead of Dekh and Bhaiyaa instead of Bhai!


  • Irfan Approves Haryanvi over English:


Because this shows more emotion and emotion is one of the most important things in one’s life.


  • This one is self-explanatory:


Well you know what this is. I won’t say it coz it’s a little yucky!!!


  • Irfan Approves Syska LED over Tubelight!


Whoever did this is in fact an Irfan fan. He even knows that Irfan is the brand ambassador of Syska LED and many other Syska products!


  • Irfan Approves Self Meme over Promotion Shows:


This shows the level of swag, Irfan Khan has it when it comes to being a Bakchod!!! Awesome meme for promotion Irfan.


  • Irfan approves Bhallaladeva over Khal Drogo:


But I thought that the Khal was a hero and not a villain. Shouldn’t he be compared to Baahubali instead?

This recreation of drake memes in an Indian desi style is priceless and none other than Irfan Khan could have pulled this off.

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