Iron Fist – The Weakest link of ‘The Defenders’


So far ‘The Defenders’ aren’t getting positive reviews about their episodes. Jessica Jones has been the strength of the episode every time. But the other characters are making the show a boredom & uninteresting.

Iron Fist, has emerged out as the ‘Weakest link’ of the show. People just don’t know why the directors are showing him as a ‘Dumbass’. He is just an addition to the bunch of mistakes done by the show makers.

Is it even possible to fix Iron Fist at this point

There are so many reasons for ‘The Defenders’ isn’t working that way in people’s mind. There is a shortage of many things. And to make the show back on the right track, there’s a huge need to change the character depths in the show. And no doubt, Iron Fist will be the first!

Iron first

This makes a question to discuss at the point that is it possible to fix the problem? Well, in my opinion, the answer is a ‘Yes’. The showmakers really have to think about the show’s content  & their proper execution. So far there are problems like character in-depths, show sequence & boredom. It needs to be cleared immediately.


We hope that the show will do its best in the upcoming episodes,  & it will not let the fans down. Good luck!

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