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Wait, What? – Is Dalai Lama a Pogonophile!

Wait- What?-Is-Dalai-Lama-a-Pogonophile

People are always curious to know about Dalai Lama. His Holiness has always been a trend among his lovers. He pose a unique character, full of happiness, & sometimes fun.

Though many people know about Dalai Lama but very few are there who know about his other side, which is really fun. You will laugh with fun to know that Dalai Lama is a Pogonophile 🙂 Don’t know what it means? Well, here you will be getting all your answers.

A Pogonophile is a person who is fond of beards. Yes, the beards you read it right. Dalai Lama likes men beards. This is really funny. But these pics of Dalai Lama with all these famous people tells the truth, in an out-loud manner 🙂

These funny pictures are taken from the different times when all these people  & Dalai Lama were on the same platform. You can easily see the happy reactions of Dalai Lama in all the pics. He himself is proving it that he really likes beards.

Well, although Dalai Lama doesn’t have his own beard, but his love for beards is going world famous now. It has become a matter of gossip among people.

Check all The Pictures Here:

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