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ISRO’s Attempt of PSLV-C39 failed, ‘Will get things Analysed’ said Kiran Kumar

ISRO’s Attempt of PSLV-C39 failed

ISRO's Attempt of PSLV-C39 failed

ISRO’s attempt to launch the country’s indigenous navigation services became unsuccessful on Thursday. The heat shield of the PSLV rocket did not open. Though the IRNSS-1H satellite reached sub-geosynchronous transfer orbit. However, the whole country stands with ISRO and backing the scientists for making a brave attempt.

ISRO chairperson Kiran Kumar said, “The mission was unsuccessful. All stages of the mission performed well. But there was a mishap. The satellite is still inside the fourth stage. The heat shield did not separate, as a result the satellite is enclosed in the body of the fourth stage. So, the mission is unsuccessful. We have to check heat shield separation command and whatever happened subsequently and it will be analysed.”

The PSLV-C39 took the satellite to orbit but the heat shield tip inside which the satellite was housed did not open. It was scheduled to open for 3 minutes and 23 seconds into the flight of the rocket. IRNSS-1H, was to replace IRNSS-1A, whose rubidium atomic clocks had stopped functioning.

However, IRNSS-1A, launched on July 1, 2013, will continue to provide messaging services. Last year, ISRO scientists found that all three atomic clocks installed in the satellite have stopped working. But the failure of the clocks will not affect the performance of the navigation system, as a minimum of four satellites is enough to provide services, ISRO officials said. Presently, ISRO has six satellites in orbit that are fully functional.

Let’s wish for the best from our intelligent scientists, they have always made us proud with their inventions, and no doubt it will be as always.

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