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‘It’ reviews out: Great Entertainment with nice Horror Scenes


The reviews of the movie ‘It’ based on the novel ‘It’ by the author Stephen King are out. And the results are pretty good. People are loving this awesome horror and fun mixed family entertainment.

The movie is directed by Andy Muschietti, with cast Jaeden Leiberher, Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis, Chosen Jacobs, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Jack Dylan Grazer and Bill Skarsgard.


The story is about a deranged, serial-murdering clown named Pennywise that haunts the children of Derry, through byzantine network of sewage tunnels under the pavement. Pennywise takes the form of a child’s worst fears, which turns each victim into an unwitting creative partner.

‘It’ opens in 1988 with a little boy chasing a paper boat to the gutter, where the mirthless Pennywise awaits to snatch him. After continuous cases of missing of the children from Derry, the boy’s older brother decides to solve the case. In this mission, he’s joined by his outcast friends Richie , Stanley , Eddie , Mike , Ben and Beverly.


Against Pennywise, the seven kids are stronger together than apart, with a dynamic forged on crude jokes and innuendo. Bill and his friends are battling Pennywise, but they’re also fighting the dark inevitability of turning into their parents, or making it into adulthood alive.

At 135 minutes, It covers only the childhood half of the book, leaving the adult versions of the same characters to return in the sequel, set 27 years later. The actors, including the young cast, has done a terrific job in the film. 

Well, somehow using the same tricks to provide horror flavor, Muschietti is successful in giving the best dose of scary entertainment. So, this movie is a good one to watch for horror genre lovers.

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