It Started Off As A Tiny Rockslide, But Soon They Were Running For Their Lives

Now that everyone and their mom, grandpa, and toddler has a smartphone, we’re presented with daily evidence for the true nature of humanity. That is, our tendency, when we’re in very apparent mortal danger, to stand there and watch. Or nowadays, to film what’s happening instead of running to safety. (Because if you didn’t film it and upload it to YouTube, it didn’t happen!) While this silly fact has given us some amazing viral videos, it’s still incredibly dangerous.

Take, for example, these road workers near Elk City, Idaho, who were clearing debris when they noticed some rocks tumbling down the hill. Just to be sure, they backed off a bit, but instead of running for cover, one crew member started filming…

Luckily he made it out of there in one piece, and now we can enjoy this terrifying video…

While nature is definitely something to be marveled at, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If anyone had been in the path of that landslide, they most certainly would have been killed.

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