Is Jagga Jasoos Inspired by Tintin Comic?

The upcoming movie due to hit theatres on 14th July starring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif seems to be inspired by Tintin Comic, finds the blogger Sagaran Jos. As the trailer for the movie is released, the blogger finds that there is stark similarity between the two when it comes to appearance, adventures etc. Though Jagga Jasoos directed by Anurag Basu is said to bring a breath of fresh air to the Bollywood circuit, the blogger actually pointed out its similarities with Tintin and his comic escapades.

Please bear in mind that only the trailer is out yet and these similarities might be just coincidence, but as of now it is getting trolled.

  •    Ranbir’s character in the movie seems inspired by Tintin’s looks right from hairstyle to clothes.

  •    The trailer of the movie shows a Wright Brother’s style yellow aeroplane, which again has a startling similarity to the one found in Tintin’s The Black Island.

  •    Even the tank used in the movie seems to be inspired by the one in The Calculus Affair.

  •   The disguises used by Ranbir in the movie seem to have taken inspiration from the boy detective and his comic escapades.

  •    Looks like the director is an ardent fan of Tintin…that’s the reason even the scenes are picked up directly from there, including the colour of the car.

  •   Tintin runs on the top of the train along with his dog and so does Ranvir…The only difference is that Ranvir is not with a dog.

  •    The sidecar chase from Tintin in the Land of the Soviets is made use of in this scene.

  •    The poster looks like the exact replica of ‘The Broken Ear’

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OMG !! What was that??

OMG !! What was that??

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Hello new buddy !!