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Apple and Amazon to seek ‘James Bond’ Franchise Rights!


According to the reports from Hollywood, E-commerce company Amazon and tech giant Apple are seeking the franchise rights for the upcoming James Bond movie ‘Bond 25’. Sources claim that these two companies are ready to offer as much as the traditional studios to receive the rights.

Apple is said to be investing a huge amount of $1 billion in original content initiatives next year. But the Bond franchise rights could be worth $2 billion to $5 billion. Apple might be looking to strike an ever broader deal, including potential TV rights.


It could set up the creation of a broader cinematic universe behind the character, similar to those being established by Disney for Marvel’s superheroes and the Star Wars saga. But there’s also a possibility of the ‘not-happening’ situation, because this could still very easily result in no deal.

We may also see different arrangements in which traditional studio and TV will have film rights in running. Along with other content development licensing agreements struck with the tech companies. It will be really interesting to see what direction the streaming services take as they compete for creative real estate and audience eyeballs.

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