Javed Akhtar Slams Twitterati with a Vengeance after They Took Jibes at his Tweet to Kiran Rijiju

After the Gurmehar Kaur debacle engulfed Randeep Hooda and Virendra Sehwag on Twitter, Kiran Rijiju, the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, also took on Twitter to express his opinion on the matter. He said in his tweet that someone has been polluting the mind of this young girl. An armed force, which is strong, prevents war and India has never really attacked anyone. But a weaker India has always been invaded.

Lyricist Javed Akhtar slammed him by contradicting his views. He said that he doesn’t know about her, but he knew who was polluting the minister’s mind. If a wrestler or an illiterate person trolls a martyr’s daughter then it is understandable, but what is wrong with the educated folks. He also added that the minister has condemned the left by accusing them falsely of celebrating killing of soldiers and not said a word about ABVP. This is grossly biased.

Akhtar made the front page for his words, but the Twitterati had mixed reactions. Some showed support, but some outright disagreed with him and made strong statements against him. Akhtar replied to most of the tweets with prejudice and a mindset to face the criticism by the Tweeples.

Here is Akhtar’s tweet:


Here are some of the replies and some of his replies as well:







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