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Jharkhand Man Named After a Famous Iraqi Dictator is Unemployed Because of His Name

There is a centuries old saying by Shakespeare, “What’s in a name?” But as it turns out, a name means a whole lot in the current world. A name could shower tons of blessings for one and spew hatred for another. Ask newborn Taimur Ali Khan, whose name resembles the name of an inconsiderate, cruel Mughal ruler. Both Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan received snide comments all over social media and people actively took part in discussions on the unfortunate name of the baby boy. Just like Taimur’s name controversy, there is a Jharkhand-based marine engineer who was denied job 40 times just because of his name.

The engineer was named Saddam Hussain by his grandfather in the hopes of him growing into a well-known person. A Hindustan Times report puts him as a resident of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. He shares his name with a former dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, who died in 2006. He is now desperately in search of a job. It has been two years since he passed out of the Noorul Islam University in Tamil Nadu, but his name has been causing problems for him.

He ranked second in his batch, but he is still unemployed and has been rejected 40 times from multinational shipping companies. He even says that people are terrified of hiring him.

He has now even changed his name to Sajid, but his troubles don’t end here. His university cannot change the name on his certificates until the name on his Class XII and X certificates are modified first. Hussain who is being punished in spite of being completely innocent of crimes committed by somebody else, has even petitioned the High Court in Jharkhand to get the Central Board of Secondary Education to change his school exam certificate names.

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