Jokes On Valentine’s Day That Are So Hilarious That You Would ROFL

Valentine’s Day is the most beautiful day for couples and the most difficult one for singles. Most people who are single on Valentine’s Day don’t want to be single and are constantly looking out for someone to spend the day with. So, it is pretty easy to find a date on Valentine’s Day.

But some people have it really hard on Valentine’s Day. These jokes capture the hilarious moments that some of them encounter during Valentine’s Day.

Check out these hilarious jokes about the day we celebrate love – Valentine’s Day:

  • Statistics are never accurate because sampling is done incorrectly:


Conan O’Brien is showing the true pain of a single guy who is desperately looking for women who prefer sex over flowers!! If the number were this high, then he would have found her by now.

  • I feel blowjobs are easier to get than diamonds:

The disappointment is generally more at the girl’s end than the guy’s, because blowjobs generally don’t cost as much as diamonds do!!

  • Chocolate prices fall after Valentine’s Day:

A morbidly obese person’s Valentine is candy and he/she would marry the candy if they got it at half the price.

  • Kids don’t know the hardships of adulthood:

Scott loves Tim. That’s a childhood dream!!

  • Tips to save money on Valentine’s Day:

You could also break up for the whole Valentine’s week to save a whole load of money. Once the Valentine’s week passes, you can get back together and surprise her with a lavender-scented dish washing liquid bath and sliced-beets covered bed!!

Valentine’s Day is the best day for people in love, but for people who are alone, it is the best day to goof around!

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