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‘Kajal’- The Necessary Evil in Every Girl’s Life

Kajal, better known as kohl, is one of those makeup essentials that a girl just can’t do without. It has become a necessity for most of us. One dare not step out of the house without it.

  • A single stroke of this could do wonders making your eyes look brighter, bigger and more defined.

  • No wonder, girls all around the world simply love this ‘magical stick’. A single sweep can leave you eye-catching.
    • The ART of EYE ROLLING on the other hand would simply be incomplete without the perfect stroke of kajal.

    • However, getting that perfect stroke requires years of practice and abundance of talent! It is easier said than done…
  • Even years of practice sometimes can do you no good…Maybe a stroke of luck does?
  • And just in case the force of the universe decides to showcase some love to you by giving a perfect wing, the Kim Kardashian in you would swear never to wash it off. #EmotionsChange.

  • Sleep with the perfectly winged eyeliner, feeling like a Kardashian. Wake up next morning to face the harsh reality…#A Blotchy EYE!!

  • A golden rule every girl must know. Your hand must never go anywhere near your eye once you have applied your kajal! Try it if you dare…

  • When you don’t know when you need to stop.
  • Sometimes your kajal can decide to switch roles with a sketch pen. Yes, this kind of sorcery does happen in the muggle world.

  • Summers are awful. Not because it is hot. You hate it because of what it does to your kajal.


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