Prince William & Kate Middleton are expecting their Third Child

Kate Middleton-Prince Williams
Kate Middleton-Prince Williams

The couple will soon welcome their third child. Kensington Palace officials announced Monday that the duchess is pregnant. Though she is unwell a bit, but things will be fine soon.

Duchess Kate Middleton, is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, or acute morning sickness. She is being cared for at the royal couple’s apartment in London’s Kensington Palace.

William and Kate, both 35, presently have two children: Prince George(4), and Princess Charlotte(2). The third baby is assumed to be due till next year’s mid-june, as reports say that Kate is less than 12 weeks pregnant.

Prince William-Kate Middleton
Prince William-Kate Middleton

Prince George has been scheduled to go to school  Thursday at Thomas’s Battersea in South London. Their choice of a south London school indicated that the royal couple were settling into their Kensington Palace apartment, having moved recently from their Norfolk home, Anmer Hall.

Visitors welcomed the news and gave blessings to the family.  Elizabeth Hopkins, 79, from West London was delighted and said Britain needs lots of royal children.

“They’re lovely and, you know, going around with a lot of children brings out the best in people as well,” she said. “And they’ve obviously very happy children and in a happy group, so I think it’s all the best for them.”

Katherine Redo says, “It’s sweet because usually it’s just an heir and a spare and they’re having a third,” she said. “It just gives the idea or the impression that they’re just even more the sweetest, perfect little family.”

We wish Duchess Kate and Prince Williams to become happy parents for a third time and lead a happy life.

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